Employees ♥ HoneyBee

“Thank you HR for offering this! It couldn’t have come at a better time, my dog is very sick so this will help with her medical bills! Thank you :)”

“This is such a great addition to the company. I love how I can just chat with my personal coach and get help on my student loans!”

“My car broke down 3 weeks before my daughter’s college graduation and I thought I’d have no money to help my daughter celebrate her special achievement but thanks to HoneyBee I will. Thank you!”



Hospitality Manager

“As a single mother, financial burden held heavy on my mind. Glad I had HoneyBee!”

“This is hands down the best program for those unexpected emergencies! This program helped so much thank you for having this available for us. It means the world to me!”

“Seriously, this has been a life saver especially around the holidays. My kids thank you as well.”

“Thank you for offering HoneyBee to our company I recently had a baby and funds have been low this is a big help!”



Healthcare Worker

“From Fortune 500 to small businesses, this program should be in every company!”

“Right now I have only $60 on my name and I need to go grocery shopping for myself and my daughter. Thank you so much for providing HoneyBee.”

“Thank you so very much for providing such a service…I have no idea how to build credit and have been struggling financially… this will be so very helpful for myself and my family.”

“Thanks Julie! This helps so much when I’m living paycheck to paycheck right now. Happy Thanksgiving!)”

“Thank for making this available, I had a minor setback due to Covid-19. Good to be healthy and back to work!”

“When we first received the flyer for HoneyBee back in March 2019, I read it, told my husband about it, and just kept it in the back of my mind. We’ve been doing OK until now and need a little help this month. We are so grateful for FSL telling us about HoneyBee because, without it, we couldn’t pay rent on October 1st. Thank you FSL and HoneyBee for caring about us.”

“We love our HR ladies here! HoneyBee is helping me pay off some dental work without increasing credit card debt! Thank you!”



Non-Profit Worker

“HoneyBee helped me improve my credit and gave an extreme peace of mind.”

“I am so grateful to have HoneyBee as part of the employee package here at MCHWC!!! The staff at HoneyBee is amazing! So kind, very friendly, and especially caring. Peace, Love, and Respect to you all!”

“I am grateful for Honeybee because it has allowed me to make the deadline to pay my tuition and not be dropped from school. I don’t know what I would have done without Honeybee’s help!”

And many more!

Watch these women share their stories: (1:40 min) 

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