Bee Financial Coach

Your Trusted Personal Financial Counselor

1. Personalized solution for your employees

From credit card debt to saving for retirement, our financial counselors will guide your employees through their finances, clarify financial goals, calculate their retirement needs, and help answer all credit related questions.

2. Available on-demand

HoneyBee offers your employees the help they need, when they need it. Employees can easily schedule a time online anytime to speak with their financial counselor by phone or video call.

3. Peace of mind for your employees

All sessions are one-on-one, all discussions are kept private and employees can continue to work with their financial counselor for as many times and as long as they need.

One Easy Process

What Your Employees Can Expect

Employees can easily schedule a session online at any time (available in English or Spanish).

Employees have unlimited access to  their counselor via phone, text, Skype or email.

Employees will receive reminders and notification via SMS to stay on track with their action plan.


1. What is the difference between a financial counselor and a financial (investment) advisor?

Financial Counselors provide answers to financial questions and concerns WITHOUT product recommendations. Financial Counselors DO NOT provide any tax or investment advice.

Financial (Investment) Advisors are licensed individuals that provide advice to financial questions and concerns PLUS recommend financial products.

2. What are some of the most common questions from employees?

1. Should I refinance my student loans? 

2. How much life insurance do I need for my family’s security?

3. My daughter is ten — how should I invest my savings to prepare for her college education?

4. I want to buy a home in the next few years. How can I prepare myself for that?

5. What do lenders look at when approving a mortgage loan application?

6. I am getting a divorce. Who is responsible for the bills and how will this affect my credit?

7. Should I borrow money from my retirement plan?

8. I need a car. Should I lease or buy one?

Let’s give your employees access to expert advice to help tackle their most pressing financial concerns successfully!

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