Do Good. Give Back.

Make introductions and HoneyBee will donate $500 to the non profit of your choice each time an employer you invite participates in the HoneyBee program!


Is there a limit to how many companies I can invite?

No, feel free to introduce HoneyBee to your entire network!

What kind of company is a good fit for HoneyBee?

Currently, HoneyBee works with California and Arizona based companies from 100 to 1,500 employees. Our key industries include:

1. Non-Profits (i.e. Food banks)

2. Manufacturing (i.e Food, consumer goods)

3. Healthcare (i.e clinics, caregiver, hospitals)

How do I sign up and how much work is there for me?

For HR leaders & executives (current HoneyBee partners): Simply make the introduction to your HoneyBee account executive (via a call or email) and we will handle the rest!

For individuals: Please give us a call at 1.800.683.8663 (ext 3) or email us at and we will send over our referral agreement to get started.

When do you make the donation?

For HR leaders & executives (current HoneyBee partners): Once a company (of at least 100 full-time employees) that you’ve directly referred us signs on to the program and completes the official onboarding (companies must be signed on within a 180 day period from referral date), we will donate $500 to No Kid Hungry (default non-profit) or to the charity of your choice, on behalf of your company.

For individuals: You have the option to opt out of the donation and receive the referral fee in cash.

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