Become A HoneyBee Ambassador

Make introductions and we will donate $500 to the charity of your choice each time an employer you invite participates in the HoneyBee program!


Is there a limit to how many companies I can invite?

No, feel free to introduce HoneyBee to your entire network!

What kind of company is a good fit for HoneyBee?

Currently, HoneyBee works with California based companies from 100 to 3,000 employees

Our key industries include:

1. Hospitality (i.e Hotels)

2. Parks & Zoos

3. Non-Profits (i.e. Food banks, Homeless Shelters)

4. Manufacturing (i.e Food, consumer goods)

5. Healthcare (i.e clinics, caregiver, hospitals)

How do I sign up?

Just give us a call at 1.800.683.8663 (ext 3) or email us at and we will send over our referral agreement to get started!

How much work is there for me?

Very little. Once you introduce the HR leaders with our sales team (via a call or email), HoneyBee will handle the rest!

When do you make the donation (or I get the referral fees)?

For HR leaders: Once a company (of at least 100 full-time employees) that you’ve directly referred us signs on to the program and completes the official onboarding workshop (companies must be signed on within a 90 day period from referral date), we will donate $500 to the charity of your choice, on behalf of your company.

For non-HR: You can choose to opt out of the donation and receive the referral fee in cash.

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