Are you our next HoneyBee?

HoneyBee is currently recruiting for a full-time employee with our growing sales team at our Los Angeles office.  This role presents a unique opportunity to help us expand our services and build new relationships with employers and brokers. This role will be critical to our future success, and we are looking for candidates who share our passion for improving the financial lives for the 78% of Americans that are living paycheck to paycheck in the U.S. Our mission is to protect working Americans from predatory lending practices and provide access to affordable credit. Ideally, whoever we hire will learn everything we know about this industry and more, helping to drive innovation in one of the world’s largest and most complex industries while delivering the best products and services to our customers.

HoneyBee is a Certified Benefit Corporation® with a social mission to offer employers the unique ability to promote their employees’ financial wellness while shielding them from predatory lenders.

You will be the arms and legs of our beehive. You represent HoneyBee and our brand represents trust and authenticity. We care deeply about our customers. Our customers are both HR leaders and their employees. Make yourself accountable, own your craft, be creative, be resourceful and learn how to build new relationships. Salesforce, emails, your phone, your personality – your success is based on how hard you are willing to work. No guts, no glory!

You will also be the eyes and ears of the company.  You’ll work closely with our founding team and you will meet a lot of HR leaders and employees. Empathize with our customers. Take the time to understand their frustrations, needs, and desires – help us provide them with world-class support. We want to know how they feel about our product, we will always be innovating and improving based on what our customers want.

*Please note: honorary wings need to be earned 🙂

What we believe this position requires:


Someone that is empathetic, hungry and embodies the tagline #EverydayWeHustlin’.

Our founding team started HoneyBee in one of our parent’s basements because we put all our cage-free eggs in this basket. We love the startup roller coaster ride. We are resilient. We expect you to have the same work ethics. Teamwork makes the dream work. Fill gaps. There’s no such thing as “it’s not my job.” We can handle our gluten but we are highly allergic to lazy folks. You will run scheduled appointments, show demos, uncover needs, and present HoneyBee financial wellness solutions to close sales in our targeted vertical markets; non-profit, food production, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, museums, etc.

Someone that is ready for a wild & chaotic journey and disrupt a $90 billion payday lending industry.

78% of Americans live paycheck and paycheck and have less than $500 in savings, over 110 million Americans are subprime or have no credit. Americans are starting to fall through the cracks in the traditional banking system because the industry is falling short for most consumers. HoneyBee is leveraging technology and the HR community to create a massively scaled business that can challenge incumbents. If you want to know what this industry is doing to vulnerable families in America, watch Dirty Money Episode 2 Payday on Netflix.

Someone who is passionate and deeply cares about making a positive impact in people’s lives.  

You will hear stories about how HoneyBee has changed people’s lives for the better. We empower HR to empower their employees to take control of their finances.  The ideal candidate will share this passion and the following traits and skills.

We believe that a great salesperson and HoneyBee ambassador requires the following traits: inclusiveness; humility; compassion; honesty; and discipline. You should value these traits in yourself and others.

The tasks of the job require the following skills: the ability to listen; set and effectively communicate expectations; create plans; organize resources against those plans; and the ability to communicate results and receive feedback. Very, very few people are good at all of these things. We’ll help you get better at each of them and, ideally, you will do the same for us.

Someone who has experience as a Sales Development Representative (SDR).

As a former SDR, you have experience generating your own leads with outbound communication; contacting leads, qualifying them as prospects and educating prospects about the product/service and scheduling meetings. We don’t need you to be a graduate from a fancy school, but we do need you to have strong communication skills because you will need to write great emails, be enthusiastic on the phone and have positive energy in person. What matters to us is your personal backgrounds. If you’ve had to overcome challenges in your life, you’ll be even more suited to connect with the end consumers. We want you to build trust with HR, and help them understand why financial wellness is important in the workplace. Also, if you can tap into networks that we don’t have, you’ll be able to expand your deal pipeline. Ideally, you have sales experience in the HR industry with a good understanding of the needs of SMBs to mid-market employers (50 to 2,500 employees).

And finally, familiarity with Salesforce and Google Docs is a must.

These are the tools you’ll be using every day, and you need to be very comfortable using them. This is how we keep track of your quota and your new opportunities because if it’s not on salesforce, it never happened.

Notably, we’re not looking for leading experts. We’re looking for fast learners who know enough to know what they don’t know and be curious about the rest.

This role will be part of our early sales team hires. We run lean and mean, this has pros and cons.

  • The pro is that you’ll have a huge impact on creating this company and an inordinate amount of responsibility. We want this job to be the defining professional experience of your career. Where you take this opportunity is up to you, but our hope is “up and to the right” for long into the future. You will be involved in nearly everything we do.
  • The con, of course, is that there will inevitably be some mundane and administrative work that is decidedly not glamorous. It’s unlikely you’ll have a direct report unless you demonstrate strong leadership when the team starts to grow rapidly.
  • The job title for this role is Account Executive, no matter how senior you think you are. If you want to negotiate titles, you’re not the person we’re looking for. If you want to build something from the ground up, this might be the role for you.


How to Join our BeeHive:

Email the following to

  • Resume
  • Cover letter, tell us why you should be the chosen one.
  • Title: Account Executive  I AM “one word that best describes you”


Compensation:  TBD (based on experience)

Location: Los Angeles, California

Start Date: December 1st, 2019